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NHB (Not Hard Beatz) has been one of best revelation in 2010 minimal and techno's scene, with its particular and innovative sound, really hardly to place.
NHB's philosophy has always been linked with the use of real synthesizers and drum's machines, blending an underground background with a more soft and commercial taste, making their sound hot and unmistakable.

With eps like, "The Gambler", "Fucking", "Going Down", "Drugstore Cowboy" and many others, they are continuously arriving to the highest rankings of the Beatport's charts, gaining the support of many top djs (such us The Advent, Sven Vath, Roger Sanchez, Bad Boy Bill, Richie Hawtin, Ahmet Sendil, Emix And Dlewis, Koen Groenveld, Claud Van Stroke, Alex Long, Ricky Stone, Angy Kore) and releasing on important labels like Bosphorus Undergound, Play Records, Italo Business.
They have been remixed from many top djs, such as Luigi Rocca (Drugstore Cowboy 2011), From Karaoke To Stardom (Analogic Feelings 2009), Phunklarique (Grinder Ep 2010), Alex Young (Silence Ep 2010), Emix and Dlewis (HowDoYouCallIt? Ep 2010), Piatto (The Return Of Apophis 2011), Angy Kore and many more.

NHB has also reworked many important international hits from top djs like Pig & Dan, Tom Hades, Ricky Stone, Emix & Dlewis, Angy Kore, Joy Kitikonti and many more… From the end of 2010 they also release on famous Toronto based label Play Digital (Deadmaus, Mellefresh).
Is in collaboration with them that saw the light in the late 2010 the hit "O' Saraccino", a prog-tech rework of the famous italian 50's song. The track has been another important international goal for the duo, being played in many important radio's show in the legendary island Ibiza and all around the world.
Is on this way that arrives in 2012 the big collaboration with Deadmau5 singer "Mellefresh" with the single "Surrender", a perfect mix of the musical influence that have always drove NHB's style. NHB have performed in many international clubs around the world, bringing its sound in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Usa, Mexico, Gb, Ukraine, Russia and performing in important international festivals such as "Kazantip (Ukraine)" or "Pleyades (Mexico)".
In Rome they have been resident in one of the best italian underground club ("Brancaleone" Club) for all the season 2006-2007, playing next to Tiefschwarz, M.A.N.D.Y, Amon Tobin, Tania Vulcano, Swayzak, DJ Ralf, Peter Hook from New Order, Francesco Farfa, Steve Lawer.

From one year they opened, in collaboration with Fabrizio Pettorelli, the new label AUDIOELITE, already well known among the most important dance music's chart. 2011 has been another amazing year for the duo, with a lot of big releases and collaboration and many gigs all around the world, and definitely set NHB like one of the artist to watch for the coming 2012!

Over Samples Vol.1

Over Samples Vol.1

New Sample Library all freshly made by NHB! OUT NOW!
Global Village EP

Global Village EP

Label bosses NHB are back on their label with the super Global Village EP
Retrospective #1

Retrospective #1

Rino Cerrone, Markantonio, NHB & MiniCoolBoyz and Tom Hades on Vinyl! Loose Records
Definitive Techno

Definitive Techno

NHB and MiniCoolBoyz on Waveform Recordings with their new Sample Library!
NHB Store

NHB Store

NHB's Official Merchandise store is online. T-shirts, Hats, Bags, Cases and many more...
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You can book NHB for worlwide area. Years of experience gives to NHB the skills to peform in any situation. If the live set with Synthetizers and Drum machines is what NHB borns for, the booking for Dj Set is also available.



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    NHB's Upcoming Gigs
    Friday 04 April, 2014
    OVER 005 NHB & Many Reasons (AKA MiniCoolBoyz) “Memories EP” The summer is already a far memory and a new year of clubbing is started, we couldn’t find a better moment to deliver this monster release from label bosses NHB & MiniCoolBoyz, the latters finally presenting their new AKA “MANY REASONS”. A new era for the milan star duo has started and we are super happy to be part of this important step of their artistic career. “Memories EP” perfectly reassumes all the influences under which the NHB and Many Reasons (AKA MiniCoolBoyz) are creating their new techno language, old school cliches and new sound horizons find place in an unique new style . Dark and deep atmospheres create the surrounding for a more intrigate mood, where complex sound landscapes kidnap the listeners attention, bringing the club experience to another level. Each of the three tracks speak the verb of techno loudly and proudly, but moving from radically different prospectives. “Tension” is the driving single of the EP, a pure techno train where a delicate work of designing and a masterful use of effects bring the track in an hypnotic ambience. With “Karplus” the bad guys decided instead to leave more space to the percussive elements, a solid groove and the tight stab sequence promise to move even the most demanding dance floor, a long breakdown will catch the attention in every party. Last but not least the ancestral melodies of “Memories”, a song that will perfectly fit as first or last record in any set, a real testament to the club music, where more genre are catalysed in a unique unforgettable picture. Unmissable !
    NHB NHB Thursday 2nd October 2014 - 11:09
    All our team has been super excited for the return of one of our most promising artist, the magic duo The Effaith, and we wanted to make their new release even stronger with a super remix from label b
    Where words stop TECHNO begins . METH & STAB (NHB Remix) is out now !
    NHB NHB Tuesday 30th September 2014 - 11:20
    Meth & Stab (NHB Remix) [Audio Elite] is available for download on Beatport, the world's largest DJ and electronic music community.
    We are back on Audioelite with this new massive remix for The Effaith's bomb "METH & STAB" !
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